Friday, October 9, 2015

I'm over here

Hello and welcome.  If are coming over from welcome back.  It's my first post over in this space and I'm still trying to get this all underway a color and theme, profile and posts but it's on it way. At least I have the name picked out and the desire to write again. I'm excited  to be in a new space writing after a long journey.

Some of the topics will remain the same knitting/crocheting/needlework; cooking & baking; allergy recipes and  homeschooling.  My approach in this space is really more about me. An online journal about my own personal journey.

I decided not to put a lot of pressure on myself  to post every single day.  I have become an instagram addict and set up luisacreates on instagram.  Well friends let the next chapter begin.


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